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Anna Eshoo Congressional Recognition Astrid Stromberg

Astrid and her team receive Congressional Recognition- Stanford, CA -UNA-USA

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Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Astrid Stromberg

Born Psychic medium, Astrid has been advising people of all walks of life, including royalty, top execs, film stars and even politicians for over 20 years. French of origine, Astrid grew up travelling the world delving into all types of religions and philosophies, adding her business experience to deliver practical and empowering messages for personal and professional success. Speaker, teacher, producer and host, Astrid is available for one-on-one or group consultations.

The Power To BE

This is the video Astrid entered for Oprah's OWN TV competition. The video is 3 minutes long.
Astrid did a full hour of readings on the beach, filmed, with her ASL expert friend Julius. The entire film was aired multiple times on the Santa Cruz, CA local TV station.